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Garden Giggles

2,350.002,750.00 Including GST

Each piece is unique.

Limited edition.

Each piece is unique and one of a kind.

Hand wash (delicate)

Size: Approx. from 3 inches to 5 inches

About The Abhinaya Store: At The Abhinaya Store, we are trying to reduce fabric waste by making meaningful and useful products form tailoring excess collected locally. We endeavor to provide useful products that help reduce and replace one-time use products.

The product is made in Mumbai with tailoring excess. Color of the plushie vegetables in the picture could be different from the one sent to you.”

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Introducing our innovative Fabric Veggie Plushy Toys, designed for interactive learning!

With absolutely cute little embroideries and plush textures, they ignite curiosity and make veggie education a joyous adventure.

From infants & toddlers to grown-ups and oldies, these cute veggies are here to serve everyone’s taste.


Italian Mix, Mix Kadhai, Assortment


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